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Your guide to streaming originals.

About Only on Streaming

Only on Streaming was created by a cat named Billie Jean who loves watching streaming videos in her free time around daily naps. One day she became frustrated trying to keep up with the glut of original programming being released from streaming content providers. In her mind, these video sources should be less confusing and more streamlined to make it easier for her to keep up with the shows she likes.

There were just too many video providers out there with original content for her to spend all that free time browsing for what she wanted to watch.

She quickly recruited a team of humans in Las Vegas that were big film and TV fans... and also happened to live with her. Orders were given to create a tool designed to make it easier for streaming video viewers to discover, organize, rate, and share original streaming video content.

Her team voraciously searches for information about the newest original content being released by the ever-expanding number of online video providers.

Billie Jean can now watch exactly what she wants without all the fuss. When asked who the people in her team are, she simply replied... "They're cool guys."
Streaming Bill Calculator
Streaming Bill Calculator
Subscribing to multiple streaming video platforms can take a bite out of your wallet fast. Our Streaming Bill Calculator will help you manage your savings and figure out what you shell out each month.