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Fischer's and The Lost Treasure

Fischer's and The Lost Treasure

2019     TV-PG     Japanese
TV Show     International,  Comedy,  Action,  Travel
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It is the Summer of 2018 and Fischer’s go on their wildest adventure ever! This documentary follows four members of the Fischer’s, Silk Road, Masai, Ndaho and Motoki on their 14-day endeavour in search of the long-lost treasure of Captain Kidd, one of the most notorious pirates in history. From island to island and coast to coast, they face many obstacles and struggles, which ultimately leads them on an unexpected path. The 14 days the group spent meeting new people and traversing roads they never expected to take were filled with both laughter and tears. Even after straying into an uncharted cave on an undiscovered island, will they find the treasure they were searching for?
Season 1 10 Episodes Apr 24, 2019
Show Status   Active / Ongoing
Fischer's and The Lost Treasure
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