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I Want My Phone Back

I Want My Phone Back

2017     Not Rated     English
TV Show     Game Show
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People care way too much about their phones. In I Want My Phone Back, host Alana Johnston and a cast of improvisers take to the streets of Los Angeles to see if contestants will put their mobile devices in the hands of total strangers, for a chance to win cold, hard cash. Alana and her cohorts can log into contestants' social media, taking every liberty as they post, text, and call to their hearts' desire in an effort to wreak complete havoc on their marks. Who will go the distance, and who will yell "I want my phone back!"? Welcome to the scariest game show ever.
Created ByLuke Kelly-Clyne
FeaturingAlana Johnston, Blake Rosier, Inessa Frantowski
Season 1 10 Episodes Nov 2, 2017
Season 2 10 Episodes Aug 29, 2017
Season 3 10 Episodes Nov 22, 2017
Show Status   Active / Ongoing
I Want My Phone Back
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