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Mad Families

Mad Families

2017     1 hour 27 minutes     Not Rated     English
Movie     Comedy
From the minds of Fred Wolf and David Spade comes a comic romp about family, pride and porta-potty races. On July 4th weekend, Saltstone Park brims with families eager to relax. At campsite 16, however, the Jones, Jones and Jonas families find that their campsite has been overbooked. What starts as a simple clerical error quickly spirals into a family feud fueled by the rivalry of three equally stubborn leaders: Jose an affable but slovenly slacker; Franklin, a rising politician with a disdain for the outdoors; and Charlie, a goofy, alcoholic hairdresser. By way of porta-potty races and sexually-charged forest encounters, these determined families wage a ferocious war for the right to holiday fun. When Jose’s sister, Felipa, and Franklin both admit that the trip was all a ploy, the plot thickens.
FeaturingCharlie Sheen, Leah Remini, Naya Rivera, Finesse Mitchell, Tiffany Haddish
DirectorFred Wolf
Writer   David Spade, Fred Wolf
Mad Families
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