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The Neighbor (El Vecino)

The Neighbor (El Vecino)

2019     TV-MA     Spanish
TV Show     International,  Comedy,  Comic Book / Superhero
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Jose Ramon lives an ordinary life studying all day but everything changes when he discovers that his neighbor Javier, a handsome journalist, is in fact the famous superhero Titan. But having superpowers doesn’t make Javier a good person: Javier/Titan is a mess as he refuses to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. Specially Javier struggles in the relationship with his girlfriend Lola, a brilliant journalist who suspects Javier is in fact Titan. Together the two neighbors and now friends navigate what means to be an adult while fighting supervillains, although at the end the only people they should save are themselves.
FeaturingSergio Momo, Quim Gutierrez, Clara Lago
Season 1 10 Episodes Dec 31, 2019
Show Status   Active / Ongoing
The Neighbor (El Vecino)
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