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Top Management

Top Management

2018     TV-PG     Korean
TV Show     International,  Drama
YouTube Premium
Eunsung, an idol trainee, has the ability to see the future. However, even with her ability, she is unable to prevent an unfortunate event caused by a boy band called S.O.U.L, and her debut is cancelled. A few years later, Eunsung unexpectedly gets an opportunity to enter the No.1 Korean entertainment company, Starlight Entertainment, as an idol manager. Ironically, Eunsung becomes the manager for S.O.U.L, along with a trainee from Mongolia named “Soo-yong”. Will they be able to create teamwork and success? Follow the clairvoyant manager and the struggling idol group on a rollercoaster ride through the K-pop industry.
FeaturingHyo-Seop Ahn, Jae-min Bang, Eun-Woo Cha
Season 1 16 Episodes Oct 31, 2018
Show Status   Ended
Top Management
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